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Post  Ariee Love Monroe on Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:56 pm

Going To Cedar Point Saturday! Oh Yeah Baby! Im Gonna Be A Ride Warrior! Cool
Im Gonna Get On The Rides Below And Like All Of Em At Cedar Point That Look Fun! We Go Every Year And Some Of The Rides Get Kiddier To Me And Some Of Em Get More Thrill-Tastic! [Dont Ask Me What That Means. Wink ]
*=Not My First Time Riding.

-*The Top Thrill Dragster. -MaXair.
-The Blue Streak -*Ocean Motion.
-*The Corkscrew. -*Power Tower.
-*Iron Dragon.
-Magnum XL-200
-Millennium Force.
-*Wicked Twist.
-*Wild Cat.
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